Brussels Airport 5 months after bombing

​​With the state of the world today makes you wonder how we made it this far. From Newark to Brussles there was buzz from passengers about how resiliant people are. This is the new normal. The airport has no signs of damage and the huge plane I took here was at capacity. It will take more that what has happened to instiguish the human spirt or economic vitality of Western Europe.

On a happier note saw ton of Smurfs merchandise, totally forgot this is where they were created. ‘Los Pitufos’ is one of the few shows I remember watching in Colombia in my early childhood. 

I passing through this time but now I’m determined to make a formal trip of this beautiful country. If for no other reason than to buy all 5 different ‘You Where Here’ cups, I collect them. But actually have to have have been there! LOL 

They tell me Oktoberfest is awesome too with music festivals all over, definitely  coming back! 

​Planes soccer themed planes and selfservice water stop. Only €1 in the States it would be at least $3.

This is a road trip so traveling light on luggage but heavy on my shoulders and back. No matters totally worth it! 

Freezing in the plane but I’m sporting my travel gear, hat to blockout light and four pocket jacket to store stuff without reaching for my bag.

And of course had to mention the pissing child a landmark here in Brussels. Got me a magnet and yup his on it! 

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