Live Photo Suggestions? (Blooper Reel 2019-2020)

Part of every trip is to be prepared to capture the moments. A picture says a thousand worlds but this is 2020 pics move and not only in videos. Live pictures on iPhone capture more than a snap, they also record about 5 seconds of frames and audio.

I was testing out a few apps to display content from a new 360 camera that got me down the rabbit hole of looking for Live Photo conversions formats. That was a gold mine! Pulled up multiple Live Photo’s and converted them to GIF and video.

It was so much fun decided to to just create a montage of all the clips that turned in to memory lane for the past year. Add my current favorite song from “Bad Boys For Life” movie “Ritmo” by the Black Eye Peas and boom blooper reel!

Still trying to find the right app, many had way too many ads and no option to buy. The ones with the option to buy not that great. Any suggestion hit me up!

Assuming WordPress doesn’t take down the video enjoy!

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