Taiwan, Starbucks and Me

For those that don’t know I’m a collector and my favorite souvenir to buy is Starbucks merchandise. In particular the travel collection and the beartista bears.

Starbucks must be popular as they don’t make cups if the market an population is not there. When I’m at a regional store always order something I can’t get in the U.S.A. The prices vary in general Europe and Australia have been expensive. Taiwan not so much about 20USD got me a mug, a grande drink, snack and a pastry.

Happy to report their Pink Peach Chocolate Black Tea in ice was yummy along with their cheesecake sponge cake. Took everything I had or lack of room in my bag to buy the beartista bear but chose the Taipei classic mug.

Other culinary delights at the “Foodie Table” included a One Star Michelin restaurant that served breakfast, Jamba Juice and McDonald none of which were opened for me to review.


#Taiwan #Taipei

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