The tale of two massages Hammam vs. Thai

Massages in general are not my thing for many personal reasons regardless that’s what I look forward to on vacation, to push my comfort level and experience new things. Getting a Hammam in Morocco and Thai massage while on vacation was a first.

First the Hammam is more than a massage read this article to get the full details if you are unfamiliar. A Thai massage uses the full body of the masseuse to work with yours. That can mean full body touch and pounding (not necessarily skin to skin).

In Morocco the women used a glove and the subject (me) fully nude; in Thailand they put clothes on us. In Morocco over 90% of the population is Muslim and women touching other women for money is considered prostitution. In Chiang Mai our masseuse where former prisoners. Stay with me folks!

Both experiences involved more than one of our group (friends) at the same time. That was all the emotional support I needed. Both left me feeling rejuvenated and happy to have done it. Would I do this on a regular, not likely but given how comparably inexpensive they both were, cost would not be an issue. Had some in Zanzibar, Tanzania on the beach and enjoyed it too.

Maybe we will do this a few more times while on this trip. Just feels like a way to give back to women in these countries. In return I get a memorable experience to take back home that no souvenir can never match.

Women’s Massage Center by Ex-prisoners

Hamman Rose in Marrakech

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