Hello Singapore! First impressions the airline alone was worth the price. When you come out this far the last thing you want to use is a budget airline. For some strange reason wine was available but not tea “no hot beverages” or that’s what I understood. People speak English but doesn’t appear to be their first language.

Landed at airport passive heat sensor screening like in Taipei. Hit passport control more laser guns to my forehead. People concerned about me, I’m safer here, Asia got this under control. In our defense they been through the other Coronavirus, SARS, they been preparing for Covid-19 since then. Screening doesn’t stop there.

Landed from cool dry cloudy Vietnam to humid sunny 90F Singapore. Nuff of that, stayed in and rested till dusk. Hit up the Gardens by the Bay, “Crazy Rich Asian” style, totally amazed to have seen it with my own eyes. Did the OCBC Skyway, this is why I travel! Tourist traps are my thing.

Walked to the Sands Skypark Observation Deck, to get an bird eye view of Downtown Singapore at night. Felt like Asian Vegas with all the lights. Before even entering the general area passive screening and laser gun to forehead before buying ticket.

By now is 11ish couldn’t Grab (Uber) back so the subway it is. So efficient and clean and even on a late Sunday people with kids were out. Thanks to the hotel staff at Hotel G and Google Maps kind of knew where I was going. Have AT&T international data and it’s been LTE to 3G in 3secs flat when there was service. No worries tourist paper map (and glasses) in hand.

Looking forward to a full day before leaving Tuesday. Just about all places on this trip warrant a re-run. Singapore for sure but then again I’m biased, LOVE big cities. Landscapes, metros and architecture, the people have all been hospitable. Only when I tried to pull down my mask during passport control in Vietnam did they get upset. Guess at this point they don’t care if I’m the owner of my ID they just wanted me to get TFO before closing their country to foreigners.

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