Asia 2020 Coronavirus Pre-Planning

It is a week before my maiden voyage to Asia. Layover in Taiwan, a week in Thailand visiting an elephant sanctuary and ancient temples in Chaing Mai then island hopping in Phuket. Fly to Cambodia more temples, flea markets and bar crawling, then over to Vietnam for a two day cruise HaLong Bay. Last leg of the trip in Singapore two nights of as much Crazy Rich Asia movie sights I can fit in.

Sounds like a lot because it is. Takes place over 19 days many are travel days between countries which means airplanes, boats and cars. The 11 hr layover in Taiwan and Singapore journey is solo, the rest will be with close friends. All of which was scary by itself then comes January when the Coronavirus outbreak was announced, the peak of it expected while we are in Asia the first two weeks in March 2020.

Steps taken to prepare include buying face masks, lots of hand sanitizer, packing packed food and add a toilet paper shortage packing that too!

Registering with the U.S. Embassy in each country in case we need to be evacuated and purchasing travel medical insurance.

Above all bringing a good attitude and vigilance! All I hope for is not to get Quarantined or seriously sick. Oddly enough I get sick either before, after or during almost every trip. Mainly a cold from all the bacterial on transportation systems. Now a fever can land me in a 14 day detention in a foreign country. Wishing for the best but preparing for the worst!

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